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My masterclass is for you if you have been struggling to get over a breakup, and keep relationships.

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10+ Hours Videos

More than 10 hours of coaching videos spread out thoughtfully in step-by-step, easy to follow actions.

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You will have lifetime access to the Action Plan, so you can move forward at the pace that feels right for you, and come back any time.

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7 Quizzes, 8 Checklists, & 10 Action Worksheets to further your growth. Plus a Private Telegram Messaging Group. To make sure you get your needs met!

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5 Stages of Grief I know you need emotional support. Your relationship has died, at least for now, and grieving is a process, so I’ll be virtually holding your hand to help you discover who your ex truly is and begin to cope with life without your ex.
Healthy Boundaries  You teach people how to treat you whether you're aware of it or not. You may be unconsciously sabotaging your relationships. To get your needs met you need to enforce healthy boundaries.
Raised Self-Esteem Take action to truly love yourself and raise your self-esteem, so you can change your pattern and make better choices.
Unpacked Baggage To have a good relationship, you need to know everything you do to contribute, whether good, bad, or ugly. Create your own personalized red flags.
Communicate Better How well do you express your thoughts and feelings? Learn how your delivery makes all the difference and create deeper emotional intimacy.
SMART Goals Change your hopes and dreams into actionable goals to stop putting off and putting up with unfinished projects and tasks and create the life you truly desire.

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Total Value: $397

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A Powerful Set Of Training Videos

I will help you improve your primary relationship, the one with yourself. I'll guide you through my 5-Step Action Plan to help you become your best you, choose the right person, and make it last.

Help to Feel Better

Step 2

Once you have moved past hoping to hear from your ex, you can start processing your emotions.

Mindfulness - Scrutinize your Ex, Best Version of Me

Step 3

Whether or not you get another chance with your ex, you need to become whole. Change is a process.


Step 4

After the 90 days have passed, you can reach out to your ex, and I’ll guide you through possibly reuniting, or fully letting go. Either way, you need to create a new beginning so this step will help you truly let go of the past.

Dating Again

Step 5

I’ll show you how to effectively use your new communication skills, so your next relationship can last forever, whether that is a second chance with your ex, or completely starting over with someone better.

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Donna Barnes

Breakup Expert

Donna has been a frequent relationship contributor for Good Morning America and Nightline. She's been coaching people since 2007. She is an expert in getting through a breakup and creating lasting relationships!

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Total Value: $397

50% Off Today: $198.50

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